And Another Thing

The busking narrative continues, even if the street changes

More music, and thoughts about busking

This is Earls Court. Just outside the tube station. I know quite a lot of people round Earls Court way, but I haven’t spent much time here for a long while.

Now I’ve started busking again – well, very interesting. You know, when you go back to something, you see it through new eyes – or at least, you notice things that you might always have known but not thought much about before.

I mean, for example, friends. When you’re a busker you’ve really got to be open to everybody – because the whole world’s your audience. You can’t choose these ones here, but not those ones over there. And you find that people who knew you when you were not a busker can’t always handle this. ‘Cause in your new reality, they’re just one set of people among many – but of course they think that you should belong to them. I dunno.

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