One Man Band +1

The lady playing harmonica with me is called Mal – and I’m hoping she will play with me again. Let me say here that I’m having some guitar lessons. Should I become a substantially more competent musician, does that nullify all those years that I was playing without those skills? It makes me think that at the heart – at the core – of music there’s something spiritual, something way beyond issues of technique. And the spirit shines through, whatever battered tools there are to hand to express it. The reason why I’m saying this is because if I look back over the years, some of the most memorable buskers that I can think of were actually scarcely musicians in the conventional sense at all. For example there was the guy who used to get on the tube trains with a traffic cone and make a weird noise by blowing through it – everyone called him Coneman. And finally a note for my guitar teacher – don’t worry, I’m not giving up, I’m just spending a few minutes thinking outside the box.

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