About the site

situationart.com is my attempt to put across a comprehensive account of the work which I have undertaken, in collaboration with Bongo Mike, my late colleague and friend of many years standing. Our aim was always to nurture, and gain recognition for, our art practice – which we call situation art.

The main body of material on the site is presented as a blog, and appears on the Home page. The latest post will always be at the top; below that, the collection of posts has been ordered more like a book than a normal blog, and can be viewed in sequence; and each new post, having served its time at the top, will then take its place in the overall order – normally at the bottom – after a few weeks (or however long it takes me to prepare the next post). If I ever come to the end of what I have to say, that will presumably be the last post.

And to aid in the navigation through the posts, the page titled Posts Archive functions as a contents page, naming each post and enabling access to it with a mere click of the mouse.

Bongo Mike and Extremely Frank Jeremy
London street poets, international street musicians, songwriters/recording artists
European and Balkan travellers
Campaigners for rights for street performers
Originators of the idea of Situation Art.

Both Mike and I were continually, over the years, writing down thoughts on scraps of paper, thinking that one day we’d assemble these thoughts into a book that would explain just what we had been trying to achieve with our court cases and our weird songs. It grieves me that Mike died before it was possible to do this, but I am trying now to take on the challenge by myself.

The various posts in the blog trace a rather haphazard course through the era when we were active, jumping from place to place and time to time, rather as a busker does in real life. I thought this would be an interesting approach to the task, especially since the development of our activities over the years seldom fitted neatly into a unidirectional timeline. I’ve tried to make each post a complete episode in its own right, but hopefully they do hang together and tell a coherent story.

I have however constructed a skeleton timeline to aid in piecing it all together! This appears on the page titled Our History (In Brief)

Extremely Frank Jeremy